4 Reasons You Need a Headband Wig 

I remember when I used to wear one hairstyle for years at a time. Growing up, I lived with my hair twisted in the front and pulled up into a curly ponytail. Then it was the half up/half down style in high school and in college, I was all about the wrap and you couldn’t tell me anything. Shortly after college, I transitioned to my natural hair and that’s when my love for switching hairstyles began. 

From the wash-n-go to braids to weaves, I wear them all. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I dipped my toe into the wig game and I’m so glad I did. But not just any wig, sis… it’s the headband wigs for me.

Headband wigs have recently exploded on the scene and this body wave wig from the Luvme Hair Headband Wig collection is by far the easiest, comfiest way I’ve been able to switch up my hairstyle. 

Still not sure if a headband wig is right for you? Well, if you fall in either of these categories… I beg to differ:

Reason One: You Work from Home

Us WFHers have practically mastered the “Head to Waist” Zoom look over the last year and the headband wig just ups the ante. 

The number of weekends I’ve spent focusing on everything but my hair is countless and each time, Monday comes around and catches me by surprise. Having a wig on hand that I can throw on and jump onto a morning conference call with has been priceless.

Reason Two: You’re a Wig Newbie

Can I be honest… wigs intimidated me for a while. The lace, the frontal options, the blending — it all was a bit much for me. This is why the headband wig is perfect for my fellow wig newbies. 

Headband wigs require no blending so it takes any guesswork out of styling. The Luvme headband wigs also come with additional headbands to give you more versatility. 

Reason Three: You Need a Protective Style

As a busy wife, mom, 9-to-5er and content creator, protective styles are bae and the headband wig is no different. The ability to tuck my hair away for a few days with a low manipulation style is great for keeping my natural tresses happy, healthy and growing. 

Reason Four: You’re a Content Creator

If you are a full-time or a part-time content creator and don’t have a wig stash, how are you surviving, friend!? 

Before I started my content creation journey, a few of my faves used to talk about their growing wig collections and how useful they were. Let’s say you have an outfit that requires something different from your normal look or just don’t have time to do your hair before a shoot — a headband wig will do the trick. It was probably the biggest piece of advice that I stored in the back of my mind and still scream from the mountain tops whenever I’m asked for my content creator advice. 

The TD;LR version: Go ahead and do yourself a favor by shopping the Luvme Hair headband collection here

This blog post is sponsored by Luvme Hair.

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