Color Blocking Made Easy: Color Blocking Color Combos + Tips

Color blocking an outfit means pairing two (or more if you’re feeling yourself) contrasting colors together. When done right, you get a look that’s bold and oh-so-fashionable.  3 Tips for Easy Color blocking For some, color blocking may be easy as pie, but for others, the idea of mixing colors in such an eye-catching wayContinue reading “Color Blocking Made Easy: Color Blocking Color Combos + Tips”

Coffee Table Books Under $100

If loving coffee table books is wrong, I don’t want to be right! What’s not to love — they’re stylish and give off that ‘Rich Auntie Vibe’ we all aspire to obtain. My only caveat, though… they must be inexpensive. If you’re in need of affordable coffee table books under $100 to help elevate yourContinue reading “Coffee Table Books Under $100”

The Best Planners for Every Type of Person

I’ll admit, this year’s planner started collecting dust once quarantine hit. As all of our lives shifted, I was literally flying by the seat of my pants. Rolling with the punches and taking it day by day became my motto. Now I’ve come to the realization that had I lived by my planner, I could’veContinue reading “The Best Planners for Every Type of Person”

How to Get Sanitizing Products Right Now

I’ve always been that person who kept Lysol spray and Clorox wipes on deck at all times. These were items that I purchased in bulk from Sam’s every month. So when the pandemic hit, I luckily had a few on hand. But much like everyone else, when our stock got low, I started to freak.Continue reading “How to Get Sanitizing Products Right Now”

5 Items to Add to Your Fall/Winter 2020 Wardrobe

Bring on the mild weather, layering, boots and coats! My favorite season has arrived, and I’m excited for the fall and winter fashion. Like every season, there’s a plethora of trends floating around this season, but some are easier to pull off than others. I decided to narrow them down to five easy items thatContinue reading “5 Items to Add to Your Fall/Winter 2020 Wardrobe”

How to Boost Your Toddler’s Immune System During Cold and Flu Season

This post contains an affiliate link. Although COVID has taken over our lives, let’s not forget the original gangstas — the Common Cold and the Flu. Ever since Kace wad born, I’ve become a stickler for finding safe and organic ways to keep him healthy during this icky season. One way I’ve found to beContinue reading “How to Boost Your Toddler’s Immune System During Cold and Flu Season”