5 Seriously Good Designer Dupes

Raise your hand if you love a good designer dupe! I know I do. Now, check me out, check me out — I’m talking dupes, not replicas, and here’s the difference: A dupe gives you the same vibe of a designer product without the designer name and price tag. Replicas, well, they try to passContinue reading “5 Seriously Good Designer Dupes”

Thrifting Tips to Know Before You Go

Thrifting has been my jam for years. It’s like a fashion treasure hunt! Sure, it takes time and patience but when you find those amazing pots of fashion gold, it’s so worth it. Check out some of my recently worn thrift store finds that I’ve collected over the years: Feeling inspired yet? Here are aContinue reading “Thrifting Tips to Know Before You Go”

Transitional Styling: 5 “Winter” Pieces Still Worth the Buy

Why, yes, I’m rocking these shorts and this sweater together because… the season of transitional dressing is here! I’ve always been a personal fan of pairing two opposing seasonal items together in the name of fashion. I remember living in a 2 bedroom condo (during my days as a bachelorette), and turning my extra bedroomContinue reading “Transitional Styling: 5 “Winter” Pieces Still Worth the Buy”

Color Blocking Made Easy: Color Blocking Color Combos + Tips

Color blocking an outfit means pairing two (or more if you’re feeling yourself) contrasting colors together. When done right, you get a look that’s bold and oh-so-fashionable.  3 Tips for Easy Color blocking For some, color blocking may be easy as pie, but for others, the idea of mixing colors in such an eye-catching wayContinue reading “Color Blocking Made Easy: Color Blocking Color Combos + Tips”