How to Get Sanitizing Products Right Now

I’ve always been that person who kept Lysol spray and Clorox wipes on deck at all times. These were items that I purchased in bulk from Sam’s every month. So when the pandemic hit, I luckily had a few on hand. But much like everyone else, when our stock got low, I started to freak.

Seeing that we’re on the verge of a second wave, I’ve taken extra precaution to really stock up on these “luxury” items and have garnered a pretty sizeable stash. Today, I’m dropping my secrets on how I did it.

3 tips that helped me snag my Lysol and Clorox stash during the Pandemic:

1.) Check Stock Early in the Morning

At the beginning of quarantine, KT and I would take turns heading to the stores to get in line when they first opened. Coming out with no sanitizing products got old fast so I turned to Amazon and Amazon Fresh. I was able to score several times on these sites but the key was to shop in the wee hours of the morning. I’m talking between 2 and 5 am early. So next time you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, check Amazon before closing your eyes again.

2.) Join Facebook and Instagram Coupon Groups

If you don’t want to search online for yourself, try joining a few coupon groups on Facebook or Instagram. The Coupon Boutique has been my go-to. The people who run these groups and or pages use affiliate links which means they get paid when you purchase. But that also means they don’t play about finding in-stock products for their members. It’s a win-win in my eyes.

3.) Join Telegram Chats

This tip is last ONLY because it’s the last tip I discovered. But let me tell you… it has by far been the most effective method! Telegram is a messaging app that a lot of couponers use to quickly alert their subscribers of in-stock products. This is probably how I scored 60% of my stash and also how I helped family and friends get their products, too. It’s so simple because the alerts come to your phone and if you’re quick enough, you can check out in minutes if not seconds. I’m telling you, this Telegram group has been my personal favorite and the ultimate game changer!

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