Color Blocking Made Easy: Color Blocking Color Combos + Tips

Color blocking an outfit means pairing two (or more if you’re feeling yourself) contrasting colors together. When done right, you get a look that’s bold and oh-so-fashionable. 

3 Tips for Easy Color blocking

For some, color blocking may be easy as pie, but for others, the idea of mixing colors in such an eye-catching way may be intimidating. If the latter is you, try these three tips:

1: Stay in the Same Color Family

If you’re ever in doubt, a great rule of thumb for color blocking is to keep it in the family. For instance, rock a deep purple with its cousin lilac or a royal blue with its niece turquoise for a simple, yet cute color blocking look.

2: Try a Suit + Top Combo

Trying to color block with separates can sometimes be tricky. To take the guess work out of it, try this equation: Solid Suit + Solid Top in a contrasting color = Colorblocking Pro!!! 

3: Start Small

This is perhaps one of my favorite tips for color-blocking newbies. Instead of jumping headfirst into color blocking an entire outfit, opt to color block using your accessories. This especially works well if you are rocking a monochromatic look. Simply add a pop of color with your shoes or with your coat and bam!… instant color blocking greatness!

My Favorite Color Block Color Combos

Pink + Red

Baby Blue + Brown

Orange + Deep Purple

Chartreuse + Pink

Yellow + Gray

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